Comic-Con is 50 Years Old

Credit: Wired

One of the largest conventions in the world, Comic-Con, is coming up on its 50th year. The event that once housed just over 100 visitor now hosts thousands, potentially even millions, of eager “nerds” hoping to see their favorite celebrities talk on a panel, or simply to celebrate their favorite media. Gamers, comic enthusiasts, avid readers, and watchers alike all come together to express their passion.

Credit: Welk Resorts

The event was once haled as a breeding ground for nerds, but the event is far more significant than that. “Nerd culture” has leaked into “regular culture” more than we think. With the overwhelming success of superhero films like Avengers: Endgame, sci-fi series like Star Wars, and fantasy television such as Game of Thrones, it is difficult to find someone who isn’t engaged with “nerd” culture.

“Some people might not want to admit it, but we all have a little nerd in us,” Jacob Blumenfrucht of New York says. “We like Batman. We like Star Trek. Whatever it may be, we all like something that is a little nerdy, and it is great to celebrate that.”



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