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William Shatner, the former Captain Kirk and star of shows like T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal, has made quite a career for himself with his endorsement of, the budget hotel and airline reservation website.PSTV Logo

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Promoter Influential in Career of Chris Diodati Passes Away

Promoter Influential in Career of Chris Diodati Passes Away

Henry Stone helped elevate the careers of several legendary artists.

An important influence in the career of producer and DJ Chris Diodati has passed away.

Henry Stone, the famed independent music promoter whose career spanned eight decades, passed away last week at age 93.

During the 1970s, Stone was in charge of TK Records, which released George McCrae’s ‘Rock Your Baby’ and guided it to its place as one of the most important genre-defining hit of its time. The cut was penned by one of Stone’s biggest acts, KC and the Sunshine Band.

Later on, he ran HOT Promotions, and that is where his influence played a role in the development of Chris Diodati. The two collaborated to create ‘Dio & Stone vs. James Brown,’ which climbed to #6 on the Billboard Dance chart. Stone’s influence also helped Diodati land a Juno Award nomination from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) for his remix of Ray Charles’ Walkin’ and Talkin.’

Diodati continues to build his own reputation as an important producer deeply entrenched in today’s hottest dance music trends. His latest single ‘Catch the Rhythm’ is an important reflection of the Nu Disco sound, which has become the vibe in clubs in the U.S. and in Europe.

‘Catch the Rhythm’ is available on iTunes.

Producer Chris Diodati Releases Catch the Rhythm

Producer Chris Diodati Releases Catch the Rhythm

Industry leader Chris Diodati is leading the Nu Disco sound.

The Nu Disco vibe is happening in clubs in North America and Europe, and a few producers and DJs are playing important roles in helping to move this new sound. Chris Diodati is one producer who is leading the way, and his new single ‘Catch the Rhythm’ is generating excitement on dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic.

Diodati has built a name for himself as an influential player in the music industry. He has landed a Juno Award nomination from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) for his remix of Ray Charles’ Walkin’ and Talkin’. He has also worked with the music of contemporary artists like Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, and Deborah Cox.

This new single is already seducing club goes out onto the dance floor, and is just the latest evolution in dance music that is causing people to take notice. The Nu Disco sound is being delivered by top DJs like Diodati who have an ear for what club goers are wanting and then delivers this sound in a way that heats up clubs.

The new Chris Diodati single ‘Catch the Rhythm’ is available on iTunes, and it is also available in the hottest clubs that are the centers for a new sound that is bringing a new excitement to the dance scene.

Announcing a New Page About the In View Series

Announcing a New Page About the In View Series

The In View series enlightens viewers across the nation about numerous subjects.

Check out the recently added page dedicated to In View hosted by Larry King, a TV program hosted by television icon and Hall of Fame broadcaster Larry King. The In View series producer team finds interesting stories across American culture to spotlight on the program.

Get Celebrity Treatment and Maybe See Stars at America’s Best Spas and Resorts

Get Treated Like A Star at the Best Spas

Get Celebrity Treatment and Maybe See Stars at America’s Best Spas and Resorts

Celebrities like Brooke Shields have been known to relax and unwind at spas and resorts across the country.

For years, celebrities have gone to spas and resorts across the country to pamper themselves, relax and detoxify their bodies.  Offering massages, pedicures, manicures, facials and other treatments and services that help people look better and feel better, spas across the country cater to celebs, A-listers, actresses, actors, musicians, artists and others who want to relax and refresh themselves. A wide array of stars have a history of frequenting spas across the country, including figures like Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Jay-Z, Jessica Simpson, Chuck Norris and Kristen Bell. Hoteliers and entrepreneurs like Ed Safdie have promoted their properties as places that celebrities and other prominent figures visit to unwind and relax.

Ed Safdie Group’s Properties Have Hosted Numerous Celebrities

Offering upscale foods, treatments and facilities, the best spas across the country, including some owned and operated by the Edward J. Safdie group, have gained reputations for meeting and exceeding the expectations and demands of celebrities, even some with notoriously high standards. The best resorts and spas offer spectacular pools, landscapes and amenities, creating peaceful, private and welcoming environments where visitors can escape the pressures and anxieties of their daily lives.

However, one does not need to have fame or wealth necessarily to enjoy the pleasures of spas. Regular people can relax and unwind at resorts and spas, such as those owned by the Ed Safdie group. This group’s properties have hosted some huge names, including prominent political figures, models, actresses, actors and TV figures. Some of the firm’s guests have included Matt Lauer, Joan Rivers, Rob Reiner and Brooke Shields.

Click Here if you are looking for more information about the Edward J. Safdie  group!

The Celebrity Phenomenon


           I have always wondered why celebrities get held in such high regard by today’s society. They are people with skills like ever one else, so why are they put on pedestal? Let’s delve into these questions and try to better understand the celebrity phenomenon that our society perpetuates.

             I think we long for what we don’t have and what we can’t do. Not everyone can shoot a basketball like Michael Jordan or make acting look easy like Morgan Freeman. A select few in our society can be professional actors, sports stars, models, and singers. With the perfection achieved comes wealth and in America we chase after wealth like a moth to flame. We don’t just chase after wealth. Our society tells us to get stuff, look a certain way, and we’ll be happy.  The celebrities look that certain way, have the money, the toys, and we believe them to be happy. They are what we want to be thus we hold in them in such high esteem that we want to know everything about them.

            We keep this phenomenon going because we are a voyeuristic people. We love to watch those that we deem successful. The everyday person wants to emulate their lives and as a result we want to know everything about them.  We want to know what cars they drive, the clothes they wear and purchase and the restaurants they eat at and so on. We long to be like them and we want a glimpse of what we could be like if we had what they have. So try an imitate then but we often fail.  Since we don’t have what rich and famous have we as a society love to see them fail. We love to see the high and mighty come crumbling down. It shows us their just like us with everyday troubles like the rest of us.

                 It’s a cycle that will never end. New people will become famous and we will long to be like them  they go on a pedestal. Then we try to emulate them and love to watch them fail. This is the celebrity phenomenon of modern day America.

modern day America.

The Punisher: Comic to Movie

The Punisher: Comic to Movie

The Punisher: Comic to Movie

The Punisher a comic book character has made two different film appearances The Punisher and Punisher Warzone.  They were both enjoyable movies to watch for different reason and I have few complaints about them.  In the comics The Punisher aka Frank Castle loses his family due to the mafia trying to kill him but instead kill his wife and two kids. Frank dons the persona of the punisher and seeks out vengeance on all criminals not just the people that killed his family. he is alone in the fight against crime he wants no friends or family and he will punish anyone that gets he deems a criminal.

The Punisher and Punisher Warzone both do an excellent job of showing he is a loner and misses his family. The Punisher makes it more tragic and he loses not just immediate   family but his extended family as well.  In punisher warzone Frank it inferred that he lost his family and they show that by having a brooding Frank Castle. Both of these movies are revenge tails. They both pull characters to from the and have lots of action violence that would be accepted from a Punisher comic.

There are only two gripes I have with these movies. the only complaint about  The Punisher is setting why it set in Tampa.  The punisher fights the mob and in the comics its usually in new York. So why change to Tampa? Tampa is nowhere near as dark and gritty as New York. I can see them Chicago it still screams dark and gritty and filled with mafia crime. Punisher Warzone was set in New York but the acting was so bad. I enjoyed the movie because of the action scenes  that were like they were pulled right from the comic and put on the big screen. I get you don’t need a superb actor when the main character   only says a couple words. The supporting cast was something horrible with a over exaggerated New York accent by the main villain.

Other then these two gripes I did enjoy both movies for what they were; a fun action revenge story.  Both movies had their own unique style and enjoyed them immensely. I recommend both of them to my friend whenever the topic of conversation is about good comic book movies.


wolverine picComic book movies are growing every popular with their adaptation onto the big screen. Comics have a very long time to expand on and evolve into what they are today. My favorite comic book character that has made a total six movie appearances is Wolverine, also known as Logan,  all played by Hugh Jackman. When taking a character from a book to a movie the trick is getting it as close as possible to the source material without butchering the character too much. 

For the most part Wolverine is pretty close to his respective counterpart in the comics. Logan is a loner, he doesn’t know his past, he has rage issues, he has a healing factor and he has metal claws that extend out of his hand that he cut through anything with. These are some essential character traits that you cannot make the character without or it will not be the same character. They did a good job in adapting these from the comics to the big screen. 

Even though the main character traits are there I wish some of the small things would have been portrayed as well. They never really show him snap and go berserk.  That is one thing that Logan is always fighting to control in the comics and is not really shown in the movies at all. Logan is a 5’ to 5’ 5 inches tall in the comics. He is shorter than most people he fights and he is underestimated by his opponents.  In the movies you think he could take someone without his power.  My gripes are small and don’t make the movies any less enjoyable to watch. For the most part wolverine’s adaption from the comics to the movies is pretty spot on. I enjoy watching him on the big screen just as much I do reading about his exploits in the comics.

Honoring Past Musicians Goes Over Well with Music Fans

Honoring Past Musicians Goes Over Well with Music Fans

Carlos Santana’s 1999 slbum “Supernatutal” became a huge commercial success.

Many music fans appreciate musicians who honor their predecessors. Music fans like collaborations between modern musicians and music legends. Carlos Santana’s “Supernatural” album had the guitar legend collaborating with younger musicians, and the album, featuring guest appearances by Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Dave Matthews, Lauryn Hill, Everlast, Wyclef Jean and others, went platinum many times over.  Many songs today in R&B and hip-hop feature samples of great songs from the past. Music producers and remix producers like Chris Diodati have enjoyed success by remixing songs by music legends, introducing these songs to new generations of fans.

Producers Like Chris Diodati Play Vital Roles in Today’s Music Business

Chris Diodati Has Helped Many Artists Enjoy Chart Success

Producers Like Christian Diodati Play Vital Roles in Today's Music Business

Christian Diodati (“Dio”) has enjoyed success with remixes of songs by artists like James Brown.

Producers like Chris Diodati and Timbaland have become some of the most important figures in the music business today. Diodati, also known as Dio, Diomix and Christian Dio, remixes songs by various pop stars and R&B musicians, helping these songs become dance hits and radio hits. Whether involved in the production process or post-production, leading music producers have a knack for identifying and helping to define musical tastes. Music producers can make suggestions to artists as they record songs and albums that improve the music and make it more appealing to the public.

Leading Producers Stay in High Demand

Leading producers seem to have the golden touch, helping artists achieve chart success. Christian Diodati, who has remixed songs by artists like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Jamie Foxx, Angie Stone, Whitney Houston, James Brown, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Monica and Mary J. Blige, has scored a string of successes, with numerous chart-topping records and radio hits. Their knack for churning out hits helps the best producers consistently get work with musicians, musical groups and bands. Record companies will frequently pair up-and-coming bands and musicians with the best record producers, especially those who have a track record of producing hit albums and hit singles.   The Avett Brothers, for instance, recorded their most recent album with super-producer Rick Rubin. The band, like many before it, has seen its album sales soar with Rubin’s help.

Chirs Diodati is a leader in the Nu Disco movement.

Chirs Diodati is a leader in the Nu Disco movement.

Chris Diodati is has also just released new music that is a part of the Nu Disco vibe. The new cut ‘Catch the Rhythm’ is already causing a stir on dance floors in North America and Europe, drawing more people into the clubs. The scene is constantly evolving, and new sounds are being woven into a rich tapestry of beats.

The Nu Disco sound has become more popular than ever over the last few months, and Diodati is leading this latest musical revolution. You can find Catch the Rhythm on iTunes or get a listen in some of the hottest clubs.

Hip-hop producers like Timbaland, Russell Simmons, Sean Combs and Rubin have become well-known for their ability to churn out hit songs and top-selling albums. They use remixes, music samples and other techniques to make artists’ music more popular.