South Florida Production Company Leads Talented People to Success

soundtree-logoFor those chasing success in the entertainment industry, the journey can be exciting, frustrating, and sometimes mysterious. Families who are trying to shepherd their child through the labyrinth to show business success may have many questions along the way.

Gregory James Blount can provide guidance in many areas, and he brings more than two decades of experience to the work of helping young, talented people achieve their goals.

His production company, Soundtree Entertainment, began just a few years ago producing concerts for Disney Channel star Mitchel Musso. Now, the company has evolved into a full serve production company that works on film, television, photo shoots, casting, talent development, and concerts.

For families who are working to find success, the questions abound. Do we need an agent? Who can be trusted with our child’s talent? How do I get our child in front of casting agents or directors? Blount’s book, “Talent 101— The Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry and Not Get Scammed,” that has been featured on many film commission websites including in South Florida. It is an excellent introduction into how to help talented children and adults realize their dreams.


Sophia Lux Positioned as Portal to Posh Luxury

sophia-luxA new publication is causing a stir inside the world of luxury in South Florida.

The debut printing of Sophia Lux is just a few months away, and retailers and restaurateurs are positioning themselves to be a part of this exclusive annual registry, which profiles businesses that cater to the most discerning clientele.

In addition to the printed Sophia Lux registry, businesses are especially interested in the online component of the new venture. On the website, visitors can see stunning photos of the business and the products and services that set them apart.

Expect Sophia Lux in find businesses in 2016.

G-Star Open House Allows Students to Find a Place to Chase Their Dreams

This weekend, the G-Star School of the Arts is opening its doors to allow students and parents to see what makes this school so special.

The open house on November 15th will feature tours conducted by G-Star founder and CEO Greg Hauptner, and is a great opportunity to see how G-Star sets itself apart from other Palm Beach County charter schools.

The G-Star School of the Arts is an extraordinary setting where students can begin to build a foundation that allows them to pursue a career in the performing arts. Students can get hands-on experience in a variety of capacities, even working with industry professionals on real projects at the school’s world-famous soundstage.

Roughly 97 percent of all G-Star students move on to college and university programs, some even gaining entry into the military academies.

Regardless of the path the student wishes to take, the G-Star School of the Arts also offers them the chance to get a great education that will serve them well in whatever path they choose in life. The school performs ahead of many traditional schools in many academic metrics for reading, math, and science, and about half of students have a 3.5 GPA or better.

The G-Star School of the Arts is a great place for students to create the start of their promising future in the entertainment industry or any path they choose.

G Star School Creating Next Generation of Entertainment Industry Professionals

G Star School Creating Next Generation of Entertainment Industry Professionals

Set design is one area of study at the G Star School.

Gifted teens across the country have set their sights on a career in the entertainment industry. In Palm Beach County, FL, the G Star School of the Arts is preparing students for a future in animation, film, and the performing arts.

This schools is not only creating talent young people for the entertainment field, it is also producing young people who are well-rounded for whatever the world places in their path. The school boasts a 97 percent graduation rate and a 97 percent college enrollment rate. Prestigious universities across the country and around the world have accepted G Star students and prepared them to take on the world.

G Star provides great results for Palm Beach County charter schools. In many metrics, the school is outperforming traditional schools, helping students excel in math, reading, writing, and science.

The school has been recognized across the country, and many entertainers have ;contributed their time to help enrich the student experience. Corbin Bernsen of “L.A. Law” and “Psych,” musician and vocalist Jimmy Buffett, Cheryl Hines of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and vocalist and dancer Jennifer Lopez have all visited the school.

Palm Beach County magnet schools like G Star can be an important stepping stone for students who are interested in reaching the stars. The school is preparing students to become the next generation of entertainment professionals.

Contact the Agent of William Shatner, Host of Business Today Television Program

william-shatner-contactFor fans interested in contacting William Shatner’s agent please see the information below. William Shatner, the host of Business Today TV, is one of the world’s most beloved celebrity endorsers and actors.

Brian Greene, Public Relations
Direct Line  646-350-2503

BT-Web-logoWilliam Shatner is a world-wide celebrity with more than 100 films and TV Shows to his credit. He is also the most prominent endorser of Priceline and other ventures. Business Today is a unique cable television program airing on cable channels across North America.

How Being an Informed Consumer Provides You With the Tools to Help the Environment

Tree in bubble above reflecting pond.

Learn about recycling, conservation and sustainability on Planet Sustainability Television. Image courtesy of dan at

It does not just take grand gestures for you to help the environment. There are many small change you can make in your daily life with a significant impact. Simple actions, such as recycling, turning off lights, reducing meat consumption, and conserving water can seem small; however, if everyone does his or her part, it begins to create large scale changes. One powerful tool for your arsenal to help save the environment is to be an informed consumer.

You can show your decision to support the environment by choosing to purchase items by companies that are eco-friendly, rather than those that harm the environment. By supporting those who have chosen to make sustainability a priority in their business practices, as well as the products they provide, you demonstrate the importance of this decision to other companies. If the majority of people similarly choose these companies, then more and more businesses will recognize the value of green practices.

It can be difficult to know the information necessary to be an informed consumer and make these decisions. The Planet Sustainability TV show plans to provide consumers with the background and education necessary to make a difference by choosing the right products when shopping. It may not seem that simply by purchasing one product over another makes a significant impact on the environment. However, it can have a wide reaching affect by demonstrating to companies that green practices are worth utilizing.

What Do You Know About the Food You Eat?

 A plateful of salad and vegetables.

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap at

Ever wondered how the food you eat is grown? Perhaps you’ve had a fleeting thought about what all the fuss with organic food is about. The Planet Sustainability TV show aims to answer these questions and more in the third episode of this remarkable series.

From the harvesting process of honey, to the companies that bring it to you, Planet Sustainability kick starts your curiosity by encouraging you to wonder where your food is coming from. In addition, it asks questions about the toll that the process is taking on the environment. Are there better methods of harvesting? Can organic harvesting practices be applied in other areas? Are you buying from companies who take their personal responsibility to protect the environment seriously? Viewers will contemplate these questions and others that really get down to the root of the organic food and harvest discussion.

Food fuels the body and mind but the way that it is made available can cause significant damage to wildlife and the environment. Planet Sustainability encourages viewers to look a little deeper into the processes that operate behind the scenes and to dare to apply their own strengths to think about new ways to harvest the food they need.

What do you know about the food you eat? After episode 3, you can expect to know a lot more about how the food you put on the table came to be there in the first place.

Contact William Shatner

william-shatner-contactThe producers of Planet Sustainability have published contact information for the TV show’s host, William Shatner. Anyone interested in emailing or calling Mr. Shatner is asked to use the contact information below:



Brian Greene, Public Relations
Direct Line: 646-350-2503

William Shatner, the former Captain Kirk and star of shows like T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal, has made quite a career for himself with his endorsement of, the budget hotel and airline reservation website.PSTV Logo

Planet Sustainability is a television program that offers viewers profiles of many exciting companies, people, and institutions that are working towards saving our planet. For more information on Planet Sustainability visit

Promoter Influential in Career of Chris Diodati Passes Away

Promoter Influential in Career of Chris Diodati Passes Away

Henry Stone helped elevate the careers of several legendary artists.

An important influence in the career of producer and DJ Chris Diodati has passed away.

Henry Stone, the famed independent music promoter whose career spanned eight decades, passed away last week at age 93.

During the 1970s, Stone was in charge of TK Records, which released George McCrae’s ‘Rock Your Baby’ and guided it to its place as one of the most important genre-defining hit of its time. The cut was penned by one of Stone’s biggest acts, KC and the Sunshine Band.

Later on, he ran HOT Promotions, and that is where his influence played a role in the development of Chris Diodati. The two collaborated to create ‘Dio & Stone vs. James Brown,’ which climbed to #6 on the Billboard Dance chart. Stone’s influence also helped Diodati land a Juno Award nomination from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) for his remix of Ray Charles’ Walkin’ and Talkin.’

Diodati continues to build his own reputation as an important producer deeply entrenched in today’s hottest dance music trends. His latest single ‘Catch the Rhythm’ is an important reflection of the Nu Disco sound, which has become the vibe in clubs in the U.S. and in Europe.

‘Catch the Rhythm’ is available on iTunes.